If you'll be working as the project manager for a Virtual Agent project, or something similar, then it's important that you know how to plan, perform and get results.

These courses cover everything you need to make your virtual agent a success after you go live and take control of your virtual agent. Learn how to run, lead and own successful virtual agents. You'll also learn to develop and grow your virtual agent to meet your business needs and understand how to keep doing this.

We answer the big questions, like:
     - What makes a great virtual agent initiative?
     - What data can we use to plan and run initiatives?
     - How do we achieve the best possible outcomes for our virtual agent?

This is just a preview. You can access the first three courses and see an outline of the rest by making an account. Access to the full certification is only available to boost.ai customers. Become a customer to get access and the ability to download a certificate of completion! Perfect for sharing on LinkedIn or other social media.